Jeff, “The Liquidator” Helps Shriners Get Maximum Value for their Treasured Memorabilia


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Movie and theatre companies, plus history buffs and collectors everywhere are enthusiastically awaiting the big event being held on site Feb 23 and 24th. “These types of sales extremely rare”, comments Jeff “The Liquidator”, Canada’s most renowned liquidator and star of the hit OLN reality series, The Liquidator. “I have sold everything from aliens to truckloads of bananas but this truly is a treat”. It’s not every day you get to purchase historic pieces from this very private society”.

Rare items include hundreds of original Fez’s (the official Shriners headwear that is red and in the shape of a cylinder) encrusted with the Shriners symbols and pins, all safely enclosed in their original leather cases. There are jewel encrusted pins, large and small trophies from their events, hundreds of authentic uniforms, rare flags and a large collection of old framed photos of the Masonic brotherhood and past members. Too, you will find unique musical instruments including a 100-year-old drum and eccentric props used in their parades and sermonizes. As the entire building and all the contents are being liquidated, other items include all the lighting, office furniture, folding tables, catering goods, pianos, kitchen equipment, podiums, soccer nets, seasonal decorations and much more.

So, if you’re a collector, memorabilia enthusiast, a bargain hunter, or just want to meet Jeff “The Liquidator”, the event promises to make for a very interesting outing this weekend. Plus, come out and meet Dave Babych, Canucks Hockey legend, who will be in attendance to meet and greet Saturday from 2-4pm and 10am-2pm Sunday.

Dates: Saturday, February 23, 10am-5pm and Sunday, January 24 10am-5pm

About The Shriners

Known as a fraternity based on the Masonic principles, the Shriners have approximately 200 temples and thousands of clubs in several countries around the world. Huge supporters of Shriners Hospitals for Children, war and disaster relief, the Shriners believe deeply in giving back and supporting those less fortunate. A fellowship of brotherly love and fellowship, Shriners work together in compassion and service to others.

About Jeff The Liquidator

Jeff Schwarz has been in business for more than 25 years buying and selling pretty much everything. From liquidating merchandise in the streets of India to buying furniture in Indonesia and doing deals in China, Dubai, Canada, the United States and Central America. Jeff has also had a successful TV show called The Liquidator that ran in over 160 countries with over 5 seasons of him doing business liquidating items and dealing with eccentric buyers and sellers. Awarded Top 3 Reality Show in the World at Banff Film Festival, Jeff’s motto is to buy low, sell high and keep the goods moving.

Jeff Schwarz has been featured on:

– Hit Series “The Liquidator”
– The Rush on Shaw TV
– Global News BC
– Toronto Star
– Globe & Mail
– CBC News
– An announcer at the Canada Reel Screen Awards & Leo Awards
– Breakfast Television
– Plus Numerous Appearances in TV and Movie

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